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Sunday 15 March 2015

Educating Made In Chelsea's Jamie

Its always fun working on a show whilst also being a fan of the series.

This past Friday I got to mix some short films for Monkey Kingdom, featuring 'Made In Chelsea's' Jamie Laing and Rosie Fortescue, for 4OD. They were of a similar style to the 'Educating Binky' series that were filmed a few months back, this time educating Jamie on what to wear for different occasions.

It was a real buzz mixing the stuff and being able to play a small part in the Made In Chelsea universe, a series which seems to go from strength to strength. It's one of Channel 4's biggest draws in terms of Social Media and continues to rate extremely well. I've become a fan since working on the International music re-versioning for series 2-7 and will continue to watch. Mostly to see more pearls of wisdom from Mark Francis in all honesty.

I mixed the shows on a lovely Avid S6 M10 desk in the brand spanking new audio suite at Fifty Fifty Post. As usual I was really well taken care of, they make a serious coffee and even came round with a beer near the end of play. Always a good thing.

Good result for the Arsenal yesterday afternoon. I was in attendance at the Emirates to see the Gunners put three smashing goals past West Ham. Lots of good movement and passing and hopefully sets us up nicely for our trip to Monaco this coming week. Looking to overturn a 3-1 deficit from the abysmal first leg at home. I'm flying to Nice in the morning, to go and see the game in Monte Carlo. Hopefully I can actually afford to buy a beer when I'm there.



Thursday 12 March 2015

Welcome to the JPS Sound blog.

Well, if I'm being cynical I don't suppose anyone will read this. However, its good for Google Analytics and robots and stuff to find my website in future, so here it is.

I'm not necessarily just going to talk about sound or audio-post on here, as anyone who knows me will tell you I have a fondness for all things Arsenal and Pro-Wrestling so I'll probably use it for that too from time to time.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll read this back in years to come and be deeply embarrassed by how lame it is. Ugh.

I'm off to record a showreel this morning at the lovely studio at Fifty Fifty Post. Its a 9am kick off which is not very rock n roll.

Tatty bye.